Hello and Welcome!!

Hello and Welcome!!

Hello and welcome to our online store!! My name is Tarek Hassoun and I am a pharmacist that currently practices in the community setting. For years, our pharmacy has strived to take care of patients by making appropriate recommendations to drug therapies, holistic therapies and providing free consults to better their overall health--all doing so in an affordable way.

There are many companies out there that will play the "market game" and capture business by the numbers all while reaping the benefits of unnecessarily high priced vitamins, OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications, medical supplies and much more. At our physical location, located here in Pontiac, MI, we strive to help patients by providing them with high quality products at competitive and lower prices--because we know how expensive things are these days. But most importantly, because we want to take care of our patients!!

We've decided to bring this business model to our online store to extend our high quality products and affordable pricing to outside of just our beloved community. We believe ALL patients should have the same opportunity to supplement their health equally. 

So, please browse our store and support our local high quality product selection. There are many more items that will be coming to our online store soon, so please be on the look out for those!

WE appreciate you stopping in and checking us out!

--Tarek Hassoun, Pharm.D

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